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Welcome to our website that offers you access to Club Diabetes, a safe Personal Health Environment (PGO) that gives you insight into your health data and access or support to your personal network of collaborating (healthcare) professionals and Buddies. Everything within this app is completely voluntary. You decide for yourself what you want to do with it or not.

In this app, you can choose to:

  • Chat or video call with a Buddy or Coach. Choose someone who suits you. A buddy is someone who already has a lot of experience in the field of lifestyle.
  • Watch the videos of professionals (Coach) and get easy lifestyle tips.
  • Read several blogs about what diabetes is and how you can really change something with lifestyle.
  • Share your own (medical) values and watch your own progress
  • Share recipes and tips with others in the Club's chat function
  • Join the weekly webinars with the Buddy or Coach and ask all your questions.


The owner of the personal health environment is Je leefstijl op Recept B.V., a private limited liability company, with its registered office in Aarle-Rixtel, at Kerkstraat 2 a, (hereinafter: "Club Diabetes"). Club Diabetes can be reached via


By using the Club Diabetes website and/or creating a personal Club Diabetes account, you unambiguously consent to Club Diabetes for the registration and processing of your personal data in accordance with the purposes stated in the Privacy and Cookie Policy of Club Diabetes.

Processor and Processors Controller

These terms and conditions relate to the processing of personal data. This includes the personal data we collect from users of the publicly accessible part of this website and from the data of registered users to the extent necessary to create an account. However, Club Diabetes is not responsible for the processing of personal information entered by users after registration in the private environment. This information is processed (encrypted, stored and, if necessary, passed on to third parties after authorization) by Club Diabetes in accordance with the terms of use, but users are responsible for this.

  1. The processor of the personal data within Club Diabetes is KnowL solutions BV under the trade name MEDrecord. See also This is a fully certified company according to the ISO27001 and NEN7510.
  2. The controller is Club Diabetes.

Use of data and information for registration purposes.

When visiting this website, the IP address of users and the time of the visit are recorded. Club Diabetes uses this data to understand the types of users of the site and to combat any abuse such as spamming. Registration via the website is required to use the protected environment of Club Diabetes. Users are required to provide their first and last name and their e-mail address, as well as data necessary for the declaration or billing of treatment by healthcare providers. The e-mail address is specifically used to send the user a personal link with which the account can be activated. Also, the data of registered users may be used by Club Diabetes to enforce the terms of use. Club Diabetes tries to provide you with the best possible service. We may therefore use your personal data to draw your attention to future developments or applications that may be of interest to you. The non-public personal data will not be provided by Club Diabetes to third parties or used for any other purpose without your prior authorisation, with the exception of legal obligations to provide data to competent authorities upon request.


Club Diabetes uses a secure protocol for the registration of users by Club Diabetes. The registration data obtained in this way is stored by Club Diabetes in an appropriately secured database, which is not connected to the internet. In our opinion, Club Diabetes complies with the GDPR standards and legal requirements. Among other things, IP addresses and all data accessible via a login code are encrypted by means of a TLS connection, the network is protected against unauthorized visitors, the information on our hard drives is encrypted and use of the Club Diabetes environment is only permitted after acceptance of our Terms of Use, which include that personal data will only be made available to third parties after your explicit authorization.  Users are informed by us of any misuse and we keep track of who has used which information via logging. We make daily backups of our system and the data entered into it.

Users' rights

Anyone can withdraw their consent at any time. For personal data that has been entered in the protected environment of Club Diabetes, the app has a button that deletes all this data. This can only be done by the user and is irrevocable. The action permanently deletes all data in question.


The website may store small text files on your computer. This allows your computer to be recognized during your visit and during a follow-up visit. Such files are called "cookies". Certain cookies are necessary to keep settings or preferences during a visit to the website or until a subsequent visit. There are cookies that tell the website which pages you view, in what order, and for how long. This makes it possible to create web statistics that can help to better tailor the website to the visitors. Third-party websites use cookies for certain parts of the website. These are useful extras, such as a Google map with interactive directions. When you view a page of, you will be asked whether you accept cookies or not. This refers to non-necessary cookies. Cookies such as those used by Club Diabetes do not contain any personal data. Such cookies cannot simply be used to identify yourself. Without additional information, cookies do not pose a threat to your privacy. You can completely exclude cookies via the settings of your browser (internet program). You can find more information about cookies and how to disable cookies on the website If you do not accept these cookies, the website may become less pleasant to use or even unusable.

Retention period

We store visitor IP data for six (6) months after the respective visit. Registered Users' data will be retained for seven (7) years after the end of their account. Any exclusion from the website is subject to a period of one (1) year, based on the IP address(es) of a participant who has violated the rules of use. After twelve (12) months have elapsed, the IP address(es) will be removed from the blocklist.

Buddys as Coaches

At Club Diabetes, the Buddies and Coaches have a special place within the community, but also, for example, on the website. The (image and sound) materials that we make together with the Buddies to create the Club Diabetes concept are the property of Club Diabetes. Insofar as this has not already been done, the Buddies/Coaches/users transfer the IP and portrait rights to Club Diabetes. Where the (medical) data can be deleted by any user/Buddy/Coach himself, the advertisements and videos or webinars that have been made together with the user/Buddy/Coach cannot be removed from the website or app because the rights thereof rest with Club Diabetes.

Privacy questions

Questions about the privacy policy of the website can be sent to Club Diabetes by post, to the attention of the management or by e-mail via

The copyrights on these terms and conditions belong to Je leefstijl op Recept B.V. (Club Diabetes). These may not be edited without our permission.