Our goal

The goal of Club Diabetes is to reduce the number of people in the Netherlands with type 2 diabetes. We want to achieve this by offering lifestyle knowledge in an accessible way. The key players in Club Diabetes are the experts by experience, the buddies.

The buddies themselves have improved their diabetes through lifestyle approaches. They would like to be a support to people who are searching for this.

The right lifestyle knowledge is very important here. Club Diabetes shares lifestyle knowledge with participants through the app. The knowledge is offered in blogs and videos from trained professionals from across the country.

Our results show that participants need fewer or no more medications. They also gain more control over their own health.

Club Diabetes is available online and offline 24 hours a day.

To achieve this goal, Club Diabetes partners with several primary care practices and healthcare groups.


Our buddies are experiential experts. They are people like you and me. They have improved their diabetes themselves and all use no or less medication. These buddies have been closely involved in the creation of Club Diabetes: Hans, Marjet, Carien, Märthe, Jalada, Stef, Gert, Jan and not to mention Bert.

Involved professionals

Club Diabetes is supported with knowledge and content by a large group of professionals from all over the Netherlands. These professionals all have a targeted knowledge about lifestyle approach to diabetes: Bas van de Goor I Anita Berende I Harriet Cooling I drs. Frank Greeven General Practitioner I Drs Tessa Backhuijs Sports Doctor I RS Els Stokkers General practitioner I Prof. dr. Liesbeth van Rossum Internist-endocrinologist I Drs. Margreet Teelken GP

Experts involved


Drs. Jacqui Van Kemenade

Family physician and Diabetes framework physician


Eline Bergshoeff

Weight consultant and lifestyle and vitality coach


Drs. Roel Smeijsters



Drs. Jeanny Zuijlen

Family Physician and Diabetes Framework Physician.


Dr. Alexander van Eekelen

Psychologist, behaviorist Phd in Relationship Circadian Rhythm and Stress


Drs. Paul Bergmans

General practitioner and director of MCC Omnes


Drs. Juliette van Kemenade



Hanna van Houdt