Role of the buddy

You get honest stories from your buddy about the approach that works with him or her.

You can choose your buddy yourself via the Club Diabetes app. With your buddy you can chat and image calling. Your buddy helps you with knowledge. He/she listens to you and lets you do it yourself. You determine your own pace and how often you want to have contact with your buddy.

These people went before you

Do you also want to become a buddy?

If you have already improved your diabetes yourself, you can become a buddy at Club Diabetes. What does this mean? You then become a member of a 'buddy group'. This group comes together every two weeks through image bubbles. You then share experiences and news. You will also receive tips and tricks from Framework Doctor Jacqui and Lifestyle Coach Eline. Via the Club app chat or (image) you call new participants. Participants choose you as a buddy based on your story. It is not about how good you are, but about who you are. As a buddy you are a support for others. Participants need someone who has already followed the lifestyle path.

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